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American Boy

20 Jul 2013 / in Middle Shelf

AMERICAN BOY (tonight, for Trayvon Martin) Smile. Spills happen. So do gourds and melons. Horseradish, tomatoes. The wagon’s full. Mind spills too, belches, drops alluvium, swallows backwash. Pools. Moves on. Don’t believe a gourd a day keeps Dr. Dead Wagon away. Even if I sing it, even if the thought drowns out the noise with […]

My First Published Poem

03 Jul 2013 / in Middle Shelf

I was 22. It was the decade of The Aristocats and Fritz the Cat. I was aiming somwehere in between, much closer to Fritz, and tipping the E.E. Cummings bottle a bit too freely. I was an assistant editor for

Davenpops Getting His Young(er) Self On

29 Jun 2013 / in Middle Shelf

I’m posting this one here for the daughters and the Davendotters. Twenty-plus years ago, your pops tucked his shirt in. And what was he teaching that day? Kathy Acker’s Blood and Guts in High School. Opening section is a great (X-rated) rewrite of Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter. Your pops was a braver man then than he […]

Black Guy Bald Guy

22 Apr 2013 / in Middle Shelf

One day Black Guy Bald Guy will be a book. Or a television show. Or words on a tee shirt. Something more or other than the here-and-there that it is now. If you want to read a few installments, you’ve come to the right place. If you want the latest BGBG, you’ll need to contact […]