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Soundtrack for My Funeral

24 Mar 2013 / in Sound

Enjoy Soundtrack for My Funeral before we die. Soundtrack is the labor of writer-friends who have been kind enough to lend their voices to my words. Find them here.

This Noise In My Blood

23 Mar 2013 / in Sound

Lyrics by Steve Davenport. Music and Performance by Bruce “Bruiser” Rummenie. Purchase individual songs here or here.

Honey And Glue

22 Mar 2013 / in Sound

Art Box Collective is a group of composers and musicians working together to write multiple songs using the same set of lyrics. The Honey and Glue Project, just begun, is the first of what we hope will be many collaborations and elaborations.

Box Of Sounds

20 Mar 2013 / in Sound

Here’s a box full of sonic this and that.