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Dear Happy Ending

01 Feb 2017 / in Blog Posts, Uncategorized

  DEAR HAPPY ENDING   It rained last week for a hundred years and change, bitter change like ninety-nine nuts for one squirrel and one nut for ninety-nine, loose change like the weight of bodies depends on the neighborhoods they come from, the ones they fall in. Neighborhood may not be the right word.   […]

The Little Story That Could

01 Jul 2013 / in Uncategorized

The Goatman’s Wife; Or, Mackey Rottler’s Grandpa Dirge 1 Don’t think of her as Dutch’s wife. How many times does she have to explain that the Napoleonic Code was overturned more than a century ago, that femme couverte (watch her lips, woman as that which is owned) was replaced by femme seule (it’s not like […]