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Bruise Songs

27 Dec 2020 / in Word

“Davenport’s HOT! And smart. And funny. Listen, is there a Steve Davenport action figure available? He’s a fabulous writer! Buy his books. And then get him to write more. He’s everyone’s ‘rough darling.’” –Renee Ashley, Minglements


24 Mar 2013 / in Word

“Uncontainable Noise and Overpass make tremendous strides in establishing Davenport as one of the most innovative and important poets working within the New Formalist class of poetry.” —

Uncontainable Noise

23 Mar 2013 / in Word

“Davenport writes like Bukowski might have written if he’d been able to hold his liquor better.” –Eric Miles Williamson, American Book Review.

Murder On Gasoline Lake

22 Mar 2013 / in Word

Listed as Notable in Best American Essays 2007.

Nine Poems and Three Fictions

21 Mar 2013 / in Word

You can find it here.